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UPDATED: 2 people are in intensive care and a further 2 people are also being treated in hospital this afternoon (Wednesday) after consuming what is believed to be un-prescribed medicine.

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has announced that overnight 4 individuals were admitted to the Emergency Department at St Mary’s Hospital in a serious condition. It is thought the 4 people consumed diazepam and tramadol which had not been prescribed to them.

The situation means that other patients may now need to be treated on the mainland due to the pressures placed upon staff locally.

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Mr Alistair Flowerdew, Medical Director at Isle of Wight NHS Trust, has said:

“We would strongly urge Islanders not to take medicine from unknown sources and only take medicine that has been prescribed for them. Taking medication that is unknown and un-prescribed can cause serious health concerns as we have seen today.

“This action by a few individuals has placed additional pressures on our services. Ensuring our patients receive safe care is our absolute priority and for this reason a number of our patients may need to be transferred to the mainland because our Intensive Care Unit is full”.

It is thought the individuals were conveyed to hospital from Newport Town Centre, with 3 ambulances reported in the area of Orchard Street between 23:00 and 01:00.

Anyone offered drugs from an unknown source should report this to the Police on 101 immediately.

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Anyone concerned about substance misuse can find out more at the Talk to Frank website at or by telephoning their helpline on 0300 123 6600.

Anyone holding unwanted or surplus drugs should return them to their local pharmacy.

UPDATE THURSDAY – Hampshire Constabulary have confirmed that they were called to Newport Bus Station yesterday evening following reports that a 32 year-old man and a 41 year-old woman had collapsed.

A 24 year-old man and an 18 year-old woman were also admitted to hospital in a serious condition a short while later.

Police believe all 4 people had taken the same drugs.

There has been no update on their condition.

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