Isle of Wight Gritting Routes and Winter Maintenance

Island Roads – the Island’s PFI contractor – is responsible for maintaining a safe highway network, this includes keeping footways and the carriageways clear of obstructions, snow and ice wherever possible under their winter maintenance programme.

Gritting Routes

These routes may be subject to change when traffic diversions are in place.

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Winter Maintenance Headquarters

Island Roads’ Stag Lane depot is home to 6 modern gritters, 3 backup gritters, and the Island’s road salt supply which, under the Highways PFI, will be well in excess of that needed to cope with an average winter.

There are around 50 members of staff that are based at Stay Lane which also houses their gully-emptying and street cleansing teams and vehicles.


Gritting Vehicles

4 state-of-the-art gritters are fitted with ‘pre-wet’ technology which sprays salt with a brine solution prior to spreading.

The reason for this is to limit salt drifting on to grass verges or hedges and ensures the salt sticks to the road.

Road ClosedHow can you help?

Before setting off in adverse conditions, check your vehicle, route and the weather forecast.

Follow the AA’s winter driving advice and plan ahead by following Island Roads and Island Echo on Twitter for the latest travel updates.

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