Gritting Routes

These routes may be subject to change when traffic diversions are in place.

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grittingroute12016Route 1

Newport, East Cowes, Whippingham, Wootton, Havenstreet, Binstead, Ryde

Gritting will start at Coppins Bridge, Newport and will cover arterial routes through Whippingham to East Cowes and passing through Wootton and Binstead.

Main roads in Ryde will also be covered including back roads to Havenstreet. Briddlesford Road near Wootton will also be gritted as well as Staplers Road and connecting routes.

grittingroute22016Route 2

Newport, Arreton, Ashey, Brading, Seaview, St Helens, Bembridge

Gritting will cover The Downs between Downend and Ashey as well as main roads between Ryde and Brading. Gritting will also take place in Nettlestone, Seaview and St Helens.

Areas of Bembridge will also be covered by the gritting run as well as Sandown Road to Yarbridge.

grittingroute32016Route 3

Newport, Blackwater, Rookley, Godshill, Shanklin, Lake, Sandown, Newchurch, Arreton

This route covers Sandown and Shanklin towns as well as Cowleaze Hill towards Ventnor.

The main road passing through Whitley Bank, Sanford, Godshill, Rookley and Blackwater are also covered as well as Arreton and Apse Heath through to Lake. Newchurch and Knighton will also be gritted.

grittingroute42016Route 4

Newport, Carisbrooke, Chillerton, Chale, Niton, Whitwell, St Lawrence, Ventnor, Wroxall, Godshill, Rookley

More rural roads are covered by this gritting route to include Wroxall, Godshill and Whitwell.

Ventnor Town and Upper Ventnor are included on this gritting run proceeding through to Niton, Blackgang and Chale. Chillerton and back roads into Carisbrooke are to be gritted also.

grittingroute52016Route 5

Newport, Carisbrooke, Calbourne, Freshwater Bay, Brook, Brighstone, Shorwell

Route 5 covers Newport Town heading out to Carisbrooke, through to Shorwell and rural roads to Brighstone and other smaller villages towards Chessell.

Military Road is covered by this route from Chale to Freshwater Bay and Afton. Middle Road is to be gritted also.

grittingroute62016Route 6

Newport, Gunville, Cowes, Gurnard, Northwood, Porchfield, Shalfleet, Yarmouth, Freshwater, Totland, Calbourne

In Newport, the dual carriageway and industrial estate are covered by this run including Gunville Road and Forest Road out to Shalfleet, Yarmouth, Totland and Freshwater.

Cowes town and connecting routes through Porchfield and Northwood will also be gritted.

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