Black Mirror has received a ton of positive reviews from the audience and numerous awards for its incredible direction, great storytelling, and mind-bending concept that’s completely unique to many of us. The TV Show almost makes you feel like you are actually a part of it and you have a say in what happens to the characters and the direction it moves in.

Black Mirror feels like a perfect combination of a TV Show mixed with a video game that puts you in control of the journey and the decisions you make have a lasting effect on the outcome. Now, this is not something that most of us are familiar with, this is a new experience, especially for those who are not into gaming.

But looking at the response from the viewers, this might actually be the future of TV Shows where each experience is different based on the choices that you make watching or actually living the life of the character. Now that makes me wonder do we need more interactive TV Shows like Black Mirror?

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More Engaging

One of the things that make Black Mirror so good is that there is this level of curiosity as to what you can do in the series, what aspects of the show’s action can you control, and how things will turn out with different choices that you make through your journey.

This results in much more engaging content that gets viewers hooked to the screens until the end and it makes them a part of the series. This is something that a lot of us loved about Black Mirror and the way it has balanced everything is just amazing.

A Different Genre

Although Black Mirror is a sci-fi dystopian drama with some dark and grim stories, Netflix argues that future interactive shows may not be in the same genre. “It won’t necessarily be science fiction, and it won’t necessarily be gloomy,” Yellin stated. It has the potential to be a bizarre comedy. It might be a romance in which the audience gets to decide whether she should date him or not.”

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Now that sounds pretty fun, having that kind of control over the main characters action and seeing how your decision changed the direction of the series, for the best or worse. There’s a lot of potential to tap into here and Netflix seems to be planning what the future of Interactive TV shows might look like and so far I think it’s going to be awesome!

With Netflix getting into the gaming scene and hiring some of the best experts of the gaming industry to expand their reach by providing gamers with an alternative to buying video games from cheap game keys site, there’s real potential for interactive TV Shows that play out more like video games but with real actors and much more realism. So, we could definitely use more interactive games like Black Mirror with more choices and a different genre.

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