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The Isle of Wight Council’s Trading Standards team are asking the public to warn elderly friends and relatives after a Hampshire woman lost a staggering £9,000 to fraudsters posing as police officers.

The 87-year-old victim from Yateley was called by a female who said the victim’s card had been used to buy an expensive camera and that she should dial 999.

The victim did so, but the fraudster stayed on the line and a man claiming to be from the fraud department of London Police ‘answered’ the victim’s call.

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He told her that they were investigating a fraud involving staff at the victim’s bank.

The victim was persuaded to withdraw £9,000 from the bank to help with the investigation, and urged not to tell any member of staff what was happening unless they gave an agreed codeword. A ‘courier’ later came to the victim’s house to collect the money for examination.

This is a common scam that unfortunately preys on our vulnerable residents and while the details may not always be the same, the method generally follows the above.

If in any doubt, check with police or trading standards first.

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