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rydeacademysignUPDATED: Dr Rory Fox, the controversial headteacher of Ryde Academy, has once again hit the national headlines this week after a letter, addressed to union representatives claiming that some senior teaching staff at Ryde Academy are lazy, petty, late and bully junior members of staff, was leaked.

Dr Fox claims that 50% of teaching at the troubled school is not good enough, with teachers not setting homework and in class practices so bad that they could lead to disciplinary action.

Island Echo has received numerous calls from parents and those in the know that have rebuffed Dr Fox’s claims, saying staff are feeling belittled by Fox with reports that a number of staff are extremley stressed resulting in time off work.

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rydeacademyuniform2The superhead, who previously taught inside Her Majesty’s prisons, was brought in to turn around the school’s standards which were rated inadequate by Ofsted last year, although in March of this year reasonable progress was reported to have been made.

In June, Dr Fox came under large-scale criticism when he isolated over 150 pupils for incorrect uniform, which led to days of disruption to both the school and parents when children were sent home to obtain the correct uniform.

This isn’t the second time Rory Fox has hit the headlines – he managed to become under the spotlight when he worked at a school in Essex also. He has also been noted for traveling to Canada to recruit new staff for the Island school, formally known as Ryde High School.

UPDATE MONDAY: Academies Enterprise Trust have this morning said:

“We will not comment on the content of the letter but very much regret that it has been ‘leaked’ to the national press in this way.”

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