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Tom Jackson, Chair of the Isle of Wight Youth Council

The Isle of Wight Youth Council has launched a Youth Voice Award aka ‘YoVA’ to recognise outstanding engagement by schools with young people.

The criteria developed by the Youth  Council starts at the bronze level, for example allowing students to offer feedback on what they like or  don’t like about their school, up to Gold level for having a student on the board of governors.

Details on the scheme are now being sent to all secondary schools on the Island. It is hoped the ‘YoVA’s’ will be adopted from September for the new academic year.

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Receiving an award will encourage pupils to have a voice, and a say in matters relating to their school and education. It will also demonstrate to parents and prospective students the school is fully inclusive in the way it operates.

The first awards will be handed out in December giving schools the chance to put in place any remaining criteria that will take them to the next tier of the YoVA award.

A group of elected young people from across the Island, the Isle of Wight Youth Council, meet each month to talk about issues that affect all young people and represent them at County Hall speaking with teams from across local government.

Tom Jackson, Chairman of the Youth Council said:

“We are very excited about rolling out YoVA and can’t wait to see where it goes from here. The Youth Council has a voice with the local Council, YoVA aims to allow every young person a voice in their schools.”

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