felinewelfarecatsIsland Charity Feline Welfare and Pet Doctors Veterinary clinics on the Isle of Wight have joined forces to try and combat over population of feline friends.

Many cat owners are unable to afford the costs of neutering and therefore unwanted pregnancies occur. To help with this ongoing issue, Feline Welfare patron Nikki Hazelgrove has teamed up with Pet Doctors to reduce the costs of Neutering. The aim to reduce the number of unwanted kittens and relieve the pressure on an already overwhelmed population.

Nikki says:

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“The only humane way of tackling the National ‘CAT CRISIS’ is by neutering and spaying, and this in turn will help reduce the spread of serious life threatening diseases such as feline leukemia and feline aids.

“We are now offering this scheme for kittens/cats 4 months and over. Although we are targeting the females we are also offering financial help for males as well. Microchipping can also be carried out at a much reduced rate at the time of the surgery only”.

Many of the rehoming centers on the Isle of Wight and across the country are constantly at full capacity and unless something is done this will continue to be the case. The Spaying Blitz last year helped to neuter 210 cats during the promotion and the aim is to increase this number in 2015.

Until the end of the year, families on a low income will be able to spay their cat for £20 at one of the 3 Pet Doctors clinics at Newport, Lake or Ryde. To arrange call Feline Welfare on 01983 521778 or email [email protected].

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