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Cowes Floating Bridge will be out of action throughout Sunday and Monday to allow for essential maintenance to take place.

The troubled Floating Bridge No.6 will be run aground at 00:30 on Sunday morning to allow engineers to start work.

It has been confirmed that a passenger launch will be in operation from 06:30 on Sunday morning until 00:30 Monday, then again from 05:00 Monday until 00:30 Tuesday.

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The normal floating bridge service is expected to resume at 05:00 on Tuesday 17th July.

It is said that the chains will be slackened during this period of work as well as changing out a number of guide wheels, replacing shims on the on both the East and West side cheek plates and the washout of chain chutes.

Other tasks that may take place, which are deemed as non-essential include:

• Washing and pumping out of North/South wheel rooms
• Scrubbing of weed around the tide line
• Make good scratches on North West Horn
• Weld gate stoppers on to opposite gates
• Pressure washing and degreasing all walkways
• Window and glass cleaning on the inside of the passenger decks
• Pressure washing/Window cleaning of the East Cowes waiting area
• Pressure washing and degreasing of deck

FB6 Routine maintenance complete, although chain depth surveys are taking place on 17/07/2018 with assistance of CHC.

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