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Hiring a recruitment agency comes with many benefits, though they are harder to quantify. Using an agency means a more targeted approach to attracting quality candidates, as recruiters are often able to sell your company to potential employees. Additionally, the agency can screen out candidates with insufficient skills and experience, making your pool of potential employees more qualified. This article will explain few biggest benefits of hiring a recruitment agency for your next job.

  • Cost

Hiring a recruitment agency is an investment that brings a number of benefits. The process of recruiting is much quicker, and you may be more focused on a quick hire than cultural fit. Alternatively, you can cut costs by conducting in-house recruiting. However, if speed is of the essence, the agency may charge you more. You may also hire people without considering their cultural fit and company values. If you are considering hiring an independent agency, keep these factors in mind when determining the costs and benefits.

Hiring an agency means that you won’t need to pay for advertising or pre-screening candidates. The agency will do the job for you, saving you the time and energy you would have spent on finding the right candidates. Typically, the fee is a percentage of the annual salary, and you pay the fee for each placement. Some agencies charge for their services depending on the type of contract they offer, so make sure to read their terms and conditions before signing up.

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  • Filters out candidates with insufficient skills

Filtering out applicants with insufficient skills can reduce the pool of candidates. This method eliminates candidates with a low degree or other insufficient skill level. Hiring managers use this method to reduce the amount of time spent on screening applicants. In some cases, an applicant may not have the skills required for the job, but could be perfect for another. The recruitment agency can do this for them. But this process has its drawbacks.

  • Probation period

Most recruitment agencies work on an appointment-only basis, where clients pay a predetermined percentage of a candidate’s annual remuneration package, which is reduced if the candidate is not permanently appointed. However, some agencies require an upfront retainer or administration fee, particularly for senior level projects or international positions. The recruitment agency will charge a percentage of the agreed fee for each successful candidate. It is therefore wise to ask for a probationary period before committing to a retainer.

When using a recruitment agency, ensure you provide the employee with a written probationary goal. It is essential to set clear expectations for the new employee during the probationary period. Regular reviews are necessary to ensure the new employee is meeting expectations and that the company can make necessary changes as required. The duration of the probation period is usually three months, and a longer period may be unfair to the new employee. The probationary period is usually not a fair reflection of the new employee’s performance and can actually feel like a performance review that is far from accurate.

  • Ability to re-enter talent pool

When you use a recruitment agency, you can access the talent pool and tap into its resources to find future employees. Using a talent pool gives you access to a database of qualified candidates that are already shortlisted for future openings. It’s a great way to gauge the market and plan future hiring. The database contains the names, skills, and experience of candidates who have previously shown an interest in your company.

One of the most important ways to engage with candidates is to create a personalized experience. A well-designed talent community will give candidates a sense of belonging and connection to your brand. Candidates will open emails from you if they feel valued and connected to your brand. A generic email will not make a good impression, especially if you’re in the tech industry. It could also damage your employer brand.

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