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Dog foulers beware! The forces of law and order are onto you – if you live in Niton or Whitwell, at any rate.

The villages’ Parish Council has joined a scheme operating in some other parts of the Island which sees Isle of Wight Council dog wardens, acting on local intelligence, patrolling dog-mess hotspots.

They have powers to issue £75 on-the-spot fixed penalty notices where owners fail to pick up after their dog. Failure to pay could lead to prosecution and the prospect of a hefty £1,000 fine.

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Austerity means that only those areas whose town and parish councils chip in to pay the wardens’ wage bill get the service. Niton and Whitwell is the latest area to join.

Parish Council chairman Tim Addison said:

“Dog fouling is a perennial problem for any town or parish council. We determined to act decisively and expect this new partnership with the IWC to make a real difference.

“Hopefully, our parishioners will also do their part by reporting this irresponsible minority of local dog owners.”

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