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Motorists are having to turn around and divert as a result of 2 mobile homes becoming ‘stuck’ at Nodehill in Newport – less than 24 hours after another mobile home clogged up the county town’s roads.

According to Island Echo readers, 2 lorries have come to a halt on Medina Avenue at the junction with St John’s Place, outside the Island Innovation IV Form campus.

Traffic is reported to be ‘chaos’ in the area, which is full of narrow one-way streets.

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Yesterday afternoon a lorry with a mobile home in tow became stuck at the junction of St John’s Place and Trafalgar Road. This led to significant disruption in and around Newport. That disruption continued when the load finally reached Freshwater, where 2 road bollards were destroyed as the unit passed through School Green Road to Tennyson Road.

It’s understood that all of the mobile homes are making their way to Colwell Bay.

Many have questioned why the mobile homes aren’t using the much wider Forest Road to reach the West Wight. It’s understood that the abnormal load would be unable to pass the chicanes and other road furniture outside Hunnyhill Primary School, and the narrowing at Shalfleet.

UPDATE @ 09:05 – The obstruction has now been cleared, according to Island Roads.

However, readers are reporting that the lorries are now stuck at the other end of Trafalgar Road.

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Motorists should be aware of likely delays on Middle Road to Freshwater.

UPDATE @ 10:40 – Island Roads have issued a statement in response to concerns raised about the traffic chaos caused on the road network over the past 24 hours.

It has been confirmed that the haulage contractors were requested not to move any of the mobile homes before 20:00. They were also advised that the Trafalgar Road route was not suitable.

A spokesperson has said:

“Island Roads were notified of these movements and had advised the route was not suitable. The revised route did not go via Trafalgar Road.

“Island Roads do not dictate which route to take, but will advise if not suitable in our professional opinion.

“Island Roads had asked that the haulier confirmed they had driven the route in advance, to confirm the proposed route was suitable; that the vehicles would be able to make the route; and that the loads would have an advance escort.

“Island Roads had also requested that movements did not commence on the Island until after 20.00 hours from Fishbourne.”

UPDATE @ 11:00 – The 2 mobile homes have now hit a sticking point in Freshwater, where School Green Road meets Tennyson Road.

Damage has been caused to bollards, kerbs and a hedge.

UPDATE @ 11:15 – Having passed through Freshwater, the trailer unit has now become stuck at Colwell Common – not due to the width restrictions of the road but due to muddy grass.

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