smallbrookestadiumspeedwayresizedAt a meeting of the shareholders of Island Speedway (IOW) Ltd, the holding company under whose banner the Wightlink Islanders Speedway operate, at Smallbrook Stadium last night (Tuesday), there was much discussion as to whether or not it would be feasible for speedway to run at the venue this year.

There were many differing views expressed with a considerable amount of passion on both sides of the equation with club chairman Brian Ginders stressing the view of both himself and the board of directors that whilst the company would be and was profitable excluding the speedway side of the business, profit made from all the other aspects of the business at the venue were not sufficient to cover the losses made by that speedway operation.

A proposal was subsequently put forward by ex-director Martin Newnham and seconded that the club’s licence to run speedway be ‘put on ice’ for this season at least bearing in mind a decision as to whether or not the Wightlink Islanders will be applying for membership of the 2014 National League has to be conveyed to the BSPA (British Speedway Promoters Association) by January 31st.

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The vote was taken and Martin Newnham’s proposal was approved by 47 votes to 8 and a date of October 14th decided upon for the next shareholders meeting to be held, again at Smallbrook.

The prospects of National League racing being witnessed this year on the island look bleak to say the least but there maybe just a glimmer of hope to cling onto.

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