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A pair of loved-up gnomes from Cheshire enjoyed their first Red Funnel experience as they were spotted heading to the Isle of Wight to start their new lives together.  

Complete with luggage, the happy couple were gladly received at their destination by Claire Brown, the owner and curator of the Island’s only gnome sanctuary.

The pair, purchased by Claire on eBay, are just 2 of her vast gnome collection that she began in 2010, after being given some as a gift from her mother. She now houses over 300 of the garden dwellers, including celebrity and animal statues.

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The newlyweds’ Red Funnel journey is likely to be their first and last across the water, as they will live out the rest of their days at Claire’s sanctuary.

Claire Brown, owner of The Gnome Sanctuary, said:

“My motto is “give a home to every old gnome”, and I’m happy to welcome my new additions to the family. I always loved the gnome gardens at Blackgang Chine as a child, and my dream is to eventually set up an old-fashioned gnome garden in support of local charities.”

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