shanklinprimaryAn Island primary school in special measures is set to be renamed and open as an academy when the new school year starts in September.

Formally known as Shanklin CE Primary School, St Blasius CE Primary Academy will become an Academy from September under Portsmouth Diocese when the 2013/2014 school year starts.

It has been confirmed that the current headteacher, Mr David Moorse, will not remain in his position for the rest this term with Sandra Matthews from Lymington’s Milford on Sea CE Primary School taking on the role of headteacher until a new principle is appointed over the Summer holidays.

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The Academy will focus on Christian faith, teaching the importance of love, respect and forgiveness.


Chair of governors at Shanklin CE Primary, Cllr Richard Priest, said:

“This is a chance for the school to make a new start in a way that has worked in other places.

“We want to use this opportunity to improve the quality of teaching, improve attainment and provide the best education for our pupils.

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“We value the Christian ethos of the current school and would like to see that strengthen.

“Being run by the local Church of England dioceses and strengthening links with the local parish church makes that possible.

“Parents can see their children educated in an environment firmly grounded in Christian principles, and there will be regular special services at St Blasius Church.”

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