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nspcclogoAs part of a joint initiative between the NSPCC and O2, parents can now get online safety advice from a specially trained advisor known as an O2 Guru at the O2 store in Newport High Street.

As schools break up for half-term children begin spending more time socialising and gaming online. While the internet is full of exciting things for children to explore there are risks such as cyberbullying or accessing inappropriate content.

Now, during pre-booked sessions, the NSPCC trained O2 Gurus can explain how to set up parental controls on phones, tablets and PCs as well as how to make devices safer for a child to use. Appointments can be booked in advance by visiting online at http://guru.force.com/O2DeskStoreLocator.

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The NSPCC’s Childline has seen a 60% year on year increase in counselling sessions with children across the UK left worried after seeing adult content online.

Since August 2015 the NSPCC and O2 have been working together to help families enjoy the best of the digital world safely and with confidence. Together the 2 organisations have launched a range of free resources to help parents get to grips with their child’s online world.

Jane Houghton, Head of O2 & NSPCC Online Safety Helpline at O2 said:

“Parental controls may sound dull, but it is one of the simplest things you can do to ensure your child is accessing appropriate content only. One of our helpline advisors spoke to a Mum about her 9-year-old daughter making inappropriate searches on Google after someone in school told her to. Our advisor was able to help her set up the appropriate controls and settings on all devices in the home.

“If it feels daunting, our expert advisors are here to help on the phone, through webchat and in our O2 stores”.

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Julia Fossi, Head of Child Online Safety, added:

“Keeping children safe online is the biggest child protection challenge of this generation.

“Technology is changing all the time and it can be hard to keep up to date with the latest games, sites and apps but it’s important to take on the challenge and treat it like any other parenting task.

“Thanks to the NSPCC and O2 partnership help is at hand but talking to your child regularly and being part of their online world is the best way to help keep them safe.”

Parents can get online safety advice from the NSPCC’s website or call the free helpline on 0808 800 5002. Children and young people can contact Childline anytime on 0800 1111 or access help online at www.childline.org.uk.

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