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The Isle of Wight’s Max Cowley is to release a brand new single in just a few weeks’ time – the first to be recorded entirely in a studio environment.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter’s new track tells the take of a girl who discovers that her boyfriend and best friend are in love. And the driving tempo and profoundly heartfelt lyrics convey her confusion as she makes the difficult decision to blow out and let them be together.

‘Forget About It’ is the first of Max’s tracks to be recorded entirely in a studio environment and features live drums, bass, piano and guitar. It’s also a departure from Max’s previous signature blend of electronic 80’s synth and pop, in favour a more raw, acoustic sound.

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The single was co-written and recorded by Ed Brebner and Max Cowley at Platform One in Newport and features Euan Pope, Edan Bertlett and Philip Legaspi.

‘Forget About It’ will be available on all major digital download and streaming platforms from 4th March 2017.


For more information head to https://www.facebook.com/Maxcowleymusic/.

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