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Arthur Farley in the dinghy simulator


FarleyArthur Farley from Wootton, a big name in the world of virtual reality (VR) sailing, bagged a podium in the RORC transatlantic race.

Competing against 27,934 other skippers/players he managed 3rd overall in the 2,900-mile RORC transatlantic race, which set off from Lanzarote to the island of Grenada.

Arthur finished the race in 15 days, 5 hours, 20 minutes gaining 3rd position and only 11mins and 39 seconds behind the winning boat.

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Virtual racing is just like the real thing in so much that you have to plan your route based on current and future wind conditions and then plan to change sails to match wind conditions (regardless of the time of day).

Arthur came to prominence in eSailing in 2022. Arthur is one of the world’s best VR eSailors and has various accolades to his name, including:

  • Vice World Champion 2022, 2023,
  • Olympic Esport series and Esailgp World Title
  • Current and 2 times GBR National Champion 2021/22.
  • ILCA 7/Laser Standard Under 19 European champion 2022
  • ILCA 7 vice national Champion 2021
  • ILCA 6/Laser radial Under 19/17 National champion 2020

Eracing is just part of what he does, when he is not training hard in or racing his ILCA7  he is aiming for Olympic medals and is part of British Sailing Olympic Squad focused for 2028 and further games.

Arthur is currently looking for sponsorship or individual donations to help fund his campaign. He has a GoFundMe page here for individual donations and a pamphlet for potential commercial sponsors that outlines is successes and his hopes.

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Helen Highwater
Helen Highwater
5 months ago

This article implies that Mr Farley is an armchair sailor. Nothing could be further from the truth! Farley stands a very good chance of not just making the Olympics but actually winning, and he’s a local boy. But he needs urgent financial support; any lsland firm would do well to invest in some sponsorship.
Good Luck, Arthur!

Reply to  Helen Highwater
5 months ago

I’m sure Arthur will be delighted to read of your support but I know he is equally pleased to get any coverage of his campaign because Arthur is primarily a real world sailor but VR racing has enabled him to learn a lot about offshore racing at a time when he couldn’t get in a real boat . 
His success at VR racing is astonishing and matches the superb performances he put in to win so many big ILCA events his determination to win is formidable .


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