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Earl Mountbatten Hospice LogoThe national influence of the innovative work carried out by Earl Mountbatten Hospice is growing and will be highlighted at this week’s Hospice UK conference (16th-18th November 2016).

The Isle of Wight’s hospice has been invited to display 6 posters which will showcase its developments in care to a national audience. Additionally Chief Executive Nigel Hartley will be speaking to the conference about new models of care, and Inpatient Unit Sister Jackie Whiller will be speaking about piloting a model of nurse-led care at Earl Mountbatten Hospice.

The 6 projects, which will be shared with hospices across the country at the event, include new innovations and developments in practice at Earl Mountbatten Hospice:

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  • The launch of high quality, flexible personal care and support for people at the end of their lives in their own homes, wherever that may be.
  • Re-examining the way services are run in the John Cheverton Centre to ensure our focus is on rehabilitation and enablement in everything we do
  • A highly successful new leadership development programme for mid-level managers which has unlocked new ideas, identified new talent and unleashed potential
  • The creation of a film to provide a platform for people to articulate their experiences about dying and address the positive need for different kinds of images of end of life which reflect changing attitudes to death
  • An innovative programme to expand the volunteer role to encompass the workforce available at HMP Isle of Wight, where prisoners have been involved in creating a range of products for our retail outlets
  • The use of a new tool called “Outcome Assessment and Complexity Collaborative” to measure the experience of each patient, allowing them to evaluate our services and support the hospice to improve following feedback

Chief Executive Nigel Hartley said:

“It has been a year of incredible innovation and development at Earl Mountbatten Hospice and I am delighted that we have been invited to share this experience on a national platform. Our staff and volunteers have adapted to changing practices very well and being asked to present their skills and experience to the conference shows how far we have come in a short space of time.

“I am very proud that the ‘Earl Mountbatten Hospice way’ is becoming a national influence on practice for other hospices right across the country and am confident that we will continue to lead the field in innovation and expertise in end of life care”.

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