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Vix Lowthion

The Isle of Wight Green Party is urging the Isle of Wight Council to support public transport options for all school children across the Island.

Over 100 pupils are missing out on a school bus place this September – many of them in areas which are already inadequately served by public buses. This leaves families with the only option of having to use the car to get to school.

To get 100 pupils to and from school, the Green Party says it takes 400 car journeys. Over the space of a school week that is 2,000 journeys – some 390,000 over the course of 5 years. These figures have prompted the political party to say that extra buses need to be added into the system.

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Vix Lowthion, education spokesperson for IW Greens says:

“Public transport is a public good. We must support school transport which adequately meets the needs of our young people – and gets cars off the road!

“The Council talks of being cost effective, but parents taking time off work or paying for additional child care is not a cost effective way to get a child to school.

“I urge the council to see common sense, support all road users especially at rush hour, and increase capacity on our school buses swiftly.”

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