dutchbrothersiowccThe Isle of Wight Car Club championship season has come to an end following fifteen close-competitions rounds, eight of them being sealed surfaced (SS) and seven being on unsealed surface (USS) with the best five results from each of the (SS) and the (USS) championships counting towards the overall club championship title.

John and Dave Dutch who saw fierce competition in 2012 to win the titles for the first time, were put under increased competition in 2013 by many of the 2012 competitiors and some new members upping their game, which meant John and Dave had to push hard from round one and push hard they did.

 However John and Dave did not have it all their own way as Ryan Munt was to take 5 event wins out of the 7 rounds on the USS event to take the USS title from John, which he won in 2012.

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Also Andy Williams, Toby Allen, Dan Morgan and Darren Taylor all had their eyes on the trophies for the 2013 season, so was also pushing hard from Round 1, resulting in the competition being intense through out the year and the titles being all decided in the last round of the SS and USS championships.


1st  John Dutch  477 points

2nd  Dan Morgan  469 points

3rd  Andy Williams  447 points

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1st Dave Dutch  250 points

2nd Toby Allen  248 points

3rd John Dutch  237 points

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1st Ryan Munt  250 points

2nd Darren Taylor  241 points

Joint 3rd Dan Morgan  240 points

Joint 3rd John Dutch  240 points

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