Wig Service 018Many people see their hair as an important part of their appearance and identity, and so it can be particularly stressful when they suffer hair loss or hair thinning.

To help patients manage this sensitive lifestyle change, the Isle of Wight NHS Wight Service provides comprehensive support and care for people with long and short term hair loss resulting from alopecia or following chemotherapy – one of the few Trusts in the UK to offer this.

Carol Mabey, Head of Orthotics, said “Changes in a person’s appearance can influence self-esteem and confidence, and in some cases, can make them feel uncomfortable about socialising. It is therefore important that patients receive sensitive and professional support. The Isle of Wight NHS Trust is unique in providing a wig specialist to assist patients. In other areas of the country, patients are given vouchers and left to source their own wigs.”

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The Isle of Wight NHS Wig Service is situated within the Orthotic and Prosthetic department. It provides professional, quality acrylic wigs which are pre-styled and adapted, as necessary, by their wig specialist.

Wigs provided by the Isle of Wight NHS are available on prescription. National prescription charges are applicable (currently £63.35) however exemptions do apply and details can be found by accessing the HC12 document (A quick guide to help with health costs) via the Department of Health website at www.dh.gov.uk.

For further information on the Wig Service, please contact Debbie Malcolm, Clinician and Wig Specialist at the Orthotics and Prosthetic department on 01983 552359.

Debbie is happy to speak to anyone with concerns regarding hair loss and will do her upmost to provide any advice or information required. The Wig Service is also working with local charities, aiming to improve services for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

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