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Lucinda Blanchard bookIsland resident and mum-of-three Lucinda Blanchard has published her debut novel ‘Swaying’ and has already been praised with five star reviews from readers.

The book follows a young woman, Charlotte, and her quest to have a daughter. It takes into account many points of view and emotions in the taboo world of gender selection.

36-year-old Lucinda, an insurance advisor from Cowes, said:

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“Swaying is contemporary women’s fiction. Having researched the subject, it is surprising how many people suffer with gender depression, and are so desperate that they attempt to sway the odds for a girl or a boy using at-home methods. In my book, Charlotte wants a daughter so badly it develops into an obsession. What lengths will she be willing to go to fulfil her need to have a baby of a specific sex even though it threatens her sanity, her marriage, her two sons’ happiness and her friend’s life?”

The novel begins with humorous experiments but later the tone darkens.

It is available in both paperback and ebook at

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