suleetaekwondo3An Island woman has achieved an incredible goal of becoming a Black belt in Tae kwon-do after changing her life around in just the space of 5 years.

Suzanne Lee, now 52, was a self-confessed couch potato who got out of breath doing simple tasks like going upstairs. Deciding she needed to sort her life out, Su set a challenge to lose weight and decided to join her local Tae kwon-do class – not realising just how successful she would become.

The oldest of eight students, the youngest being just 8-years-old, Su was tested by three masters of Tae kwon-do for over two hours, starting with several rounds of sparring against each other and then getting into pairs to go through some self defence moves.

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Receiving the results the next day, Suzanne found out she had passed alongside the other seven students and were each rewarded at the next lesson with a new black suit and a black belt with names embroidered in gold – formal recognition of all the hard work put in.

Speaking to Island Echo, Su said:

“I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but the class was made up of people of all ages and abilities and everyone was able to work at their own pace.

“We started with simple kicks and punches, then we learned some ‘patterns’ which are like an imaginary fight. We do some keep fit and stretching, learn self defence and how to spar in a safe and controlled fashion.

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“Tae kwon-do gives me a reason to stay slim and a method of measuring my own fitness. I am much more flexible, have more stamina and gone are all the aches and pains I had when I was big!”

Su continued:

“Getting my black belt has given me a huge sense of achievement, raised my self confidence and thoroughly impressed my friends and family! I am really looking forward to the next stage – learning new patterns for my 2nd Dan Black Belt!”

“I would recommend these classes to anyone. It’s great for kids, teaching them discipline and self-control and giving them the confidence to stand up for themselves. We have many parents and children learning together so mum and dad needn’t just watch, they can keep fit too.”

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If you are interested in learning Tae kwon-do, there are classes all around the Island and the first lesson is free. Please contact Peter Scotcher on: 07791 068079 or have a look at the Isle of Wight Tae kwon-do website:

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