Mcguinness (red) V Coles (white)


It was set to be another bumper programme of shale track action at Smallbrook tomorrow Thursday), but organisers have decided to cancel the meeting.

The Wightlink Warriors speedway team were due to take on the Cradley Heathens for the 2nd time this season.

Barry Bishop, Wightlink Warriors co-owner, has said:

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“It’s with great sadness we have decided to make the decision to call off tomorrow’s meeting against Cradley.

“We hope the early call will allow people to move their ferries and ultimately save everyone, including us, money no one wants to waste.

“We have never once taken the decision to call off a meeting lightly – the work involved to prepare and build up to race day is significant and the additional work to cancel equally so.

“While we never view any call off as wrong, we do know how much supporters miss their speedway when it’s cancelled so we are all really sorry.

“Hopefully working with Dave Johnson, we will try to include the J.A.P. Championship next week as part of our team match against Rye House”.

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It’s thought tomorrow’s weather forecast has prompted the cancellation.

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