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The ONS has found that Blackpool, Hastings, Harrow, and Chiltern all have higher divorce rates than the UK average. Corby and Norwich were ranked third and ninth, respectively, in the ONS’ league of divorce-prone towns. But why are these two places so notorious? The answer, as you will see, may have more to do with the culture of these towns than the fact that they are divorce-prone.


According to Wiselaw, Blackpool, England, is the divorce capital of the UK. With a divorce rate of 13.1%, the town is more likely to end a marriage than anywhere else in England. The city is the second most likely to end a relationship than London, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. Residents blame the high divorce rates on the harsh economic conditions. However, some people have a more complex reason for ending their relationship than just financial difficulties.

While Blackpool is ranked as the divorce capital of the UK, other areas with higher rates are Hastings, Harrow, Chiltern, and Liverpool. Only two other areas in the country have higher divorce rates than the north. However, the disparity between these cities is vast. Harrow, in North-West London, has the highest rate of divorce in the UK, while Bolton has the lowest.

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The city of Hastings is home to the highest divorce rate in the UK, followed by Tower Hamlets and East Dunbartonshire. According to research carried out by Callcredit, the UK divorce rate stood at 8.2% last year, up from 7.8% in 2011. The reason behind this rise is not entirely clear, but older people seem to be more likely to separate and file for divorce. There are several reasons why Hastings has the highest divorce rate in the UK, including the number of divorces filed in that town.

In 1764, Hastings returned to England with a moderate fortune, but it was reduced to virtually nothing by mismanagement. Hastings appears to have been generous with his relations, but high usury is a sign of bad security, so he ended up losing his principal and interest. While this is not a surprising statistic, the town continued to be poor despite the growing number of divorces.


Did you know that Weston-Super-Mare is the UK’s divorce capital? According to the Daily Mail, 7.5% of its residents filed for divorce in 2011? Divorce-Online, a local online divorce service, processed applications in Weston-Super-Mare county court. Divorce-Online claims that over 92% of divorces were facilitated using its online service.

Although it is a seaside resort, Weston-super-Mare is also home to some of the nation’s highest divorce rates. The Ministry of Justice released divorce statistics for 2012 and found that the area is the UK’s divorce capital. It says that divorce rates are higher in Weston-super-Mare than in Birmingham, despite its smaller population. However, it is not the only location with high divorce rates. Birmingham ranked first, followed by Weston-super-Mare County Court, Romford County Court, and the Coventry Combined Court Centre.

Hastings County Court

Hastings County Court, in East Sussex, is a leading venue for divorces and separations. The county is the home of one of the largest divorce courts in the country and has been a center for the legal profession since the 17th century. The county court’s staff is highly trained and experienced and they are ready to give you advice on all aspects of divorce and the law. The county court was founded in 1690 and was renamed in 1890. It is still known today as the divorce capital of the UK.

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