Since the inaugural season in 1992-93 the Premier League has hosted some of the best games and players in the world. With the retirement of Sergio Agüero one of the all-time greats of the league, hung up his boots at the end of this December. Foreign players are already ready to take up the torch and continue where he leaves. But first let’s have a look at some of the players that they will seek to surpass as some of the best players to put their boots on an English pitch.

Thierry Henry

The Frenchman needs no introduction to fans of the game. Thierry Henry was a goalscoring machine while he played at London-based club Arsenal. For seven years he left the spectators at Highbury spell bound before moving to the new Emirates stadium. To this day, he is still the only player that has won the Premier League Golden Boot on four occasions, and he holds the highest goal to game ratio by a player with more that 100 goals. Since leaving Arsenal in 2007 they have had a hard time finding someone as game-decisive as Henry, which also means that they haven’t won the Premier League since 2004.

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Sergio Agüero

The Argentinian will forever be a part of Manchester City’s history. When he arrived in 2011 the team had not won a premier league title since 1968. He arrived from Atletico Madrid with a great attitude and goalscoring abilities totalling 23 goals in the 34 matches he played. The most important came on the final day of the season. In one of the greatest games ever, he scored the title-winning 3-2 goal against QPR, that would end 44 years without a top-flight win for the club. He added four more premier league titles to his cabinet and with 184 goals, became the player with the most premier league goals at a single club.


Eric Cantona

King Eric as they call him on the red side of Manchester is truly one of the all-time greats of the Premier League. With his immediate impact on Manchester United he turned a mid-table team into a league winning one. Before he arrived, the team sat in 10th position but ended up sitting top of the table 10 points clear of runners-up Aston Villa. His natural ability for the game and his confidence in himself transformed the squad. With four premier league titles in five seasons, it is no surprise, that he has been inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame:

Peter Schmeichel

The Great Dane played in the Premier League for seven seasons and won five Premier League titles, finishing his last season with the treble. His presence in the penalty area he was feared by most strikers and was a master at one-on-one goalkeeping. Not only was he feared by opponents but also by his own teammates as they could be sure that he would yell abusively at them if they put a boot wrong. During his time at the Red Devils, he was named Europe’s best goalkeeper three times and is still considered one of the best goalkeepers to have ever played the game.

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