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A survey of around 5,000 people has revealed that 71.3% believe the prospect of a road tunnel fixed link with the mainland would be positive for the Island.

As previously reported by Island Echo, the Pro-Link campaign group recently launched a survey asking if a feasibility study into a fixed link between the Isle of Wight and the mainland should be undertaken. The results of that survey have now been released showing that 77.8% of the 4,967 people surveyed say alternatives to existing cross-Solent transport should be investigated.

Of those surveyed, 87.7% are Island residents and just 4.7% of the total were under the age of 20 – the future generation of the Island.

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When asked “At the present time before the study is undertaken, would you consider the prospect of having a road tunnel “Fixed Link” from the Island to the mainland as positive, or negative to the overall future welfare of the Isle of Wight?”, 71.3% (3,541) said it would be positive, 23.5% (1,166) said it would be negative and 5.2% (260) said they were undecided.

Although the survey shows that the majority would like to the explore the option of a fixed link, the total number of respondents only represents around 3.5% of the Island’s population.

The survey was undertaken by survey professional, Ian Butcher.

The final report can be found here.

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