carisbrookevolcaniceruption2Students from Carisbrooke College simultaneously set off their Volcanic Eruption experiment creations with the use of Bicarbonate soda, vinegar and food colouring, supported by Sainsbury’s Newport earlier this month.

38 pupils made their volcanoes ahead of the day, which saw them pour Bicarbonate of soda into their volcanoes before adding vinegar to them all at the same time, making the grand eruption on the 6th June.

carisbrookevolcaniceruptionVolcanic lava was ‘recreated’ by adding food colouring, to make their eruption even more impressive.

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The pupils (and their families)  raised over £700 for The Rotary Emergency relief boxes.

Thanks go to members of the Year 9 student leadership team: Isaac Rice, Felix El Alami, Danish Hameed, Grace Navin, Kaydee Cooke, Kieron Tosdevin, Madeline Wicks, Bonnie Packer and Adam Richardson, who helped to run the event.

Pictured: Winners for the best eruption Lewis Hallett, Lily Venables, and Xara-Shay Hammond. 

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