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Latest figures from IW Met Service have revealed that there has been a total of 112 rainy days on the Isle of Wight in the past 151.

Many locals have been commenting on social media about how grey, wet and windy things have been lately – and the figures certainly support that.

Since 1st October 2019, there have been a total of 112 rainy days producing 737.6mm of rainfall. The wettest day was 19th December when 41mm of rain fell over Shanklin.

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October saw 24 days of rain, November 20 days and December 24 days. The first month of 2020 saw 22 rainy days and so far this month the Island has seen 22 days of rain out of the 28 days that have passed.

The miserable weather has also meant a lack of sunshine, with just 76.2 total hours of sunshine recorded since 1st October.

It has been a fairly mild winter with a mean minimum temperature of 6.7c, but that looks set to change from the second week in March.

Keep up to date with the latest weather forecasts and information at www.iwmetservice.co.uk.

IW Met Service is the official weather forecaster for Island Echo. All figures are recorded at IW Met Service’s weather station in Shanklin.

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And how many of those days have the ferries been cancelled or delayed?? Maybe you should put those figures up every month, as that’s the biggest problem for the islanders! solentfreedomtunnel.co.uk


blah blah blah tunnel blah blah blah


Please give it a rest Ken, It’s an Island, as I said before try putting your efforts into a campaign for a decent ferry service that is reliable when the weather is good enough, The weather is a natural phenomenon ( perhaps Global warming aided ) and if you live on this beautiful Island accept that, If you cannot then move off. Sorry that’s it in simple terms, we require decent links unfixed, not a permanent fix, because it then would NOT be an Island, Portsmouth is an Island with fixed links, can you tell the difference between Portsmouth and… Read more »

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