wightlinklcmcyclingThree members of the Wightlink-LCM Systems Cycle Race Team traveled to Portsmouth for an Omega Cycle League race on Wednesday.

Kev Foster was first up in the 3rd Category race. For the whole duration of the race, Foster stayed near to the front of the bunch and covered any breakaway moves. With no breakaway efforts succeeding, the bunch came into the finish all together. Foster chose to take the inside line in the sprint but was tactically closed out by other teams, and finished within the peloton.

In the second race of the evening, Sam Baker and James Ebdon lined up in the Elite race. From the start the pace was high with such a good field of riders. After 10 minutes of racing, Ebdon broke away with one other rider. The pair soon got half a lap up on the bunch and were working well together.

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After 5 minutes away form the peloton, one of the bigger teams put the pressure on and lifted the pace of the bunch even higher. This inevitably meant that Ebdon got caught. Straight after the catch, 10 other riders attacked and forced a huge gap on the main bunch. Baker tried to cover the attack and go after them but could not get a working group of rivals together, and so did not make the catch. The 10 riders soon got a lap up on the bunch. Coming into the finish Baker and Ebdon finished safely in the bunch.

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