BWI_4822The British Powerboat Racing Club working with the RYA have announced that the start of the Cowes Classic 2014 will commence from Egypt Point this year.

The event, which starts at 09:00 on Sunday 31st August, sees powerboats race between Cowes and Torquay before turning around for the return leg.

In reply to the news, Event Director Dorian Griffith said:

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“This is fantastic news, the BPRC has demonstrated to the UIM and RYA that it can organise safe and well organised races over the last few years, it will be amazing for the people of Cowes and fans to see a Cowes Torquay start again”.

Rob Andrews who has overseen the duty of Officer of the Day at the Cowes Classic event since 2010 said:

“After several years of proving to relevant authorities that the BPRC can run a safe Cowes Torquay Cowes race, I am delighted that I can drop the green flag from Egypt Point in August”.

Event organisers are seeking safety boat volunteers for the race. Can you help?

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