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nhsfestival2The Isle of Wight NHS Trust Membership team were successful in recruiting nearly 300 new members to the Trust during the Isle of Wight Festival this year.

The team were located at the Welfare tent alongside colleagues from IRIS (Island Recovery Integrated Services) and Domestic Abuse. The atmosphere at the festival was amazing and whilst relaxing during the day, the festival goers were happy to sit and listen to the benefits of becoming a member and sign up to show their support for the IOW NHS Trust.

The festival recruitment drive has boosted the Trust’s membership which is now in excess of 5,000 members.  One of the many benefits of becoming a member is the opportunity to attend focus groups and meetings.  The meetings are well attended and include a clinical speaker followed by many interesting and varied questions from members put to the Executive board.

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Recent presentations have included Dr Gary Lee, Consultant Clinical Psychologist about ‘The beautiful brain and how it may help us understand complex pain conditions’.  The next Medicine for Members meetings are on 28th September and 16th November 2015.

If you would like to attend these meetings or are interested in healthcare generally then why not join in. It is free and you are eligible from the age of 11 years and can be involved as much or as little as you want.  Please sign up by emailing [email protected] or 01983 822099 ext. 5703 or visit www.iow.nhs.uk/membership.

Whilst the majority of those attending Isle of Wight Festival are treated on site in the medical facilities provided by Festimed, there were a handful of attendances at the Emergency Department at St Mary’s which were attributed to the Isle of Wight Festival.  The overall effect on the Emergency Department was minimal because most individuals requiring medical attention were treated on the Festival site in the Facilities provided by Festimed. The working relationship between Festimed, the private provider, and the NHS was very successful.

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