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Royals & Rogues Ghost EncountersCarisbrooke Castle, Appuldurcombe House and Osborne House are featured among the ghost-hunter case files of Isle of Wight psychic Margo Williams in a new book, Ghost Encounters Royals & Rogues.

Royalty and roguery are the subjects for keen debate this year, with the ceremonial re-burial of the car-park King Richard III in Leicester cathedral 530 years after his death; and the 800th anniversary of King John signing the Magna Carta. Ghost Encounters Royals & Rogues features ghost-hunter Williams’ fascinating work in the Isle of Wight’s historic buildings with royal connections.

Margo’s ‘gifts’ were the focus of national media and scientific interest during the 1970s and 80s, and her claims to hear the voices of ghosts seemed to be supported by the discovery of artifacts apparently lost by the ghost, when alive.

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Margo passed away in 2009, but her case files have been opened up and preserved for the Island community by her former assistant Nick Hammond.

Nick said:

“It is important information, it gives sceptics and believers alike, something to think about,” he says. “The truth about ghosts is not dead and buried.”

Margo Williams ghost hunting at Carisbrooke CastleMargo was regularly called-in by householders, business-people, and even on occasion the Isle of Wight Council, to remove supernatural sitting tenants; and the letters which survive her, testify to her success in so many cases, though even she did not fully understand how her gifts worked, and the haunted houses were ‘pacified’.

In her latter years Nick encouraged Margo to look into some famous haunts and enduring mysteries. Ghost Encounters Royals & Rogues gathers together numerous case files related to royal ghosts and rogue activities including Swainston Manor; the Royal Yacht Squadron and Yarmouth Castle. Carisbrooke Castle is featured for being the prison of King Charles I, whose release in 1648 for the Treaty of Newport negotiations resulted in ghostly legends attaching to various Newport buildings.

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In addition, The former Sun Inn building on Holyrood Street had a long history of poltergeist activity; and in the Old Grammar School on Lower St James’ Street, a ghostly face is sometimes seen at the windows. Many people believe it to be the ghost of King Charles who haunts the building.

Nick added:

“These were successful visits.

“Margo tuned-in to a number of ghosts, who provided fascinating insight into these mysterious haunted buildings and their history. The ghost of the old Grammar School probably had the most to say in the tragedy of King Charles.”

Ghost Encounters: Royals & Rogues is now available in bookshops throughout the Island priced at £6.99.

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