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Northwood KialouisvanasscheLouis Vanassche from Northwood Kia has graduated as one of a handful of students selected to take part in a leadership programme, which has offered hands on experience and the opportunity to learn invaluable management and leadership skills, which will be taken back to the Cowes dealership and put into practice.

Kia, together with The Blue Water Partnership who specialise in leadership training, last year introduced its intensive 18-month Leadership Development Programme designed to give local Kia dealership staff special leadership and development skills.

As part of Kia’s on-going commitment to its dealer staff and customers alike, the scheme allowed high-flying team members to gain an insight into best leadership practice. The programme consisted of ten workshops, encompassing Kia’s key brand pillars, to deliver excellent customer care. Seminars included practical management and leadership techniques covering all key areas of the retail business.

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The hard-working students graduated on Wednesday 24th June, in a ceremony hosted by Kia’s Business Development Director, Simon Hetherington.

Louis Vanassche said:

“I’m thrilled to have been awarded my Institute of Leadership and Management Development Award. The course was hard work, but extremely rewarding, and I can’t wait to bring all that I’ve learnt to the showroom!”

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