Qashqa'i Sb1 (002)The Arts Society Isle of Wight will be presenting the latest lecture of its season when Brian MacDonald is to talk at Northwood House on Tuesday 9th April.

Brian will take you on a journey beginning in Outer Mongolia in the 5th century BC and follow the 11th-century migrations from Turkmenistan, the cradle of weaving, into the Caucasus, Persia and Afghanistan.

You will be introduced to the nomadic tribes of these countries and their woven rugs, carpets and dowry bags, with particular emphasis on those of the 19th century and earlier. These tribal weavings illustrate the skill of the women who produced exquisite works of woven art, using vegetable colours and age-old designs whilst living and travelling in primitive conditions and hostile landscapes.

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Brian has been a dealer and consultant in antique oriental rugs and carpets since 1979 after his return from Iran. He is the author of ‘Tribal Rugs – Treasures of the Black Tent’ which was originally published in October 1997; re-printed in April 2010 and a completely new updated edition in the summer of 2016. Brian is one of few Western dealers to have lived and worked among tribal groups in remote areas of Iran and Afghanistan during the 1970s and then again, after the Iranian Revolution, in the 1990s.

In 1990 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society for his work amongst the Persian tribes. He has lectured for The Arts Society since 1986.

There are places for visitors at all lectures for £10 per person but booking must be made in advance to [email protected]  

Find out more about the society and details of all the season’s lectures at

Most Lectures are now also broadcast on Zoom for members who for some reason cannot attend in person

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I,v,y s,e,a,r,l,e
I,v,y s,e,a,r,l,e
11 days ago

I for one would not wish to miss this. We had wooly bears in ours.


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