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For those of us who love our daily coffee drinks, it can feel a little bit wrong to continue drinking hot coffee even in the heat. When we’re hot and sweaty in the office or even while we’re out and about, there is every chance that you’re more likely to long for a cold drink than a hot one, and even ice cold water can be amazing when you’re starting to get a little dehydrated.

Fortunately, there are also numerous ways to prepare your coffee beans and turn them into a beverage, which can mean that iced coffee may also be on the agenda for those seeking a bit of cool refreshment. However, is this safe to drink in hot weather?

Coffee is known to be a diuretic, which means that it can contribute to dehydration, but there are some myths about this.

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In a time where temperatures are soaring, and there is the potential that they can even get dangerous in some parts of the world, it is a good idea to do your research and check whether or not coffee is really suitable in hot weather.

Does Coffee Dehydrate You?

The diuretic effects of coffee are pretty well documented, so you might be forgiven for thinking that it is not great to drink it on hot days when you need all of the hydration you can get to stay healthy.

Coffee does have a diuretic effect but actually it has been shown in studies to be mild at worst, and the fact that it is combined with water and milk which actually hydrate us means that these effects are countered by the other ingredients in a coffee drink.

Some people have a misconception about this. Caffeine’s impact of dehydrating the body doesn’t do a great deal, but if you are consuming plenty of water, which is always a good idea, you don’t have to worry too much about having your daily fill of caffeine. Just be safe and ensure you don’t over consume.

Can Hot Drinks Make You Overheat?

Our bodies are pretty great at making amendments and adapting to the environment. When it is hot outside, a hot drink might not feel like the natural solution, but there are situations when it is actually a good thing to do.

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If you’re warm, but not already sweating, drinking a hot coffee can actually trigger your body to start to sweat. The whole reason why we sweat is to regulate and lower body temperature. Sweat cools down on your skin and this helps you to feel cooler in turn.

If you are already sweating then this reflex has been triggered in your body, but as long as you are not truly overheating then there is no big risk to drinking a coffee.

Are Coffee Drinks Safe For Hot Days?

The answer to whether coffee is safe for hot days is usually a resounding “yes”. Coffee does increase your body temperature somewhat, and this is more to do with the caffeine within coffee beans than anything, so it is important that you are moderate in your consumption.

If you aren’t already overheating then the hot drink won’t do too much in the way of negative effects, especially if you stay properly hydrated throughout. Hot drinks can even help our bodies to realise how hot we are and regulate temperature through sweating. It doesn’t sound glamorous, but this mechanism is extremely effective at keeping us cool and healthy.

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Cold Coffee

A lot of people turn to cold coffee drinks on hot days, and this makes perfect sense. A lot of us long for a drink that is served over ice, and coffee beans don’t have to be brewed hot (cold brew is taking over in some hot locations). Espressos can be brewed hot and then iced or mixed with cold milk, and the end result is usually delicious and great for a hot summer day.

A lot of coffee machines including capsule machines even have a way to brew cold coffee, so it is not difficult to get access to cool drinks on balmy days. Keep in mind that the caffeine inside can still lead to an increase in your body temperature, so you must be careful to some extent.

Cold Coffee

The Bottom Line

Coffee isn’t always the ideal drink for a hot day in that caffeine inherently has the capacity to make us warmer. However, the heat of the coffee is unlikely to do you any harm unless you are already in a very fragile state.

Remember that even when you are drinking cold coffee, the caffeine is what can heighten your body temperature. Moderation is always needed to make sure your body is kept at a steady and stable temperature. The best advice is to continue to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated, whatever else you are drinking. The good news is that if you’re already a coffee drinker, there’s no need to forego it on a hot day

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