Ian Clark Nora Gt140 Champion 2023
Photos: Ian Groves/Sportography


Ian Clark was the winner of the inaugural NORA GT 140 Island Masters title at the Smallbrook Stadium in Ryde yesterday evening (Tuesday).

Amongst a field that contained 11 of the top 12 ranked competitors in the UK, Clark – the current National Champion – continued the form that recently took him to the title with a power-packed showing, riding unbeaten during the night and recording the fastest time of the meeting along the way. It really is turning into a season to remember for the former Peterborough speedway rider.

With 18 competitors taking part in 6 rider races, it was a very entertaining spectacle watching how the riders adapted to a shale surface rather than grass and it’s credit to everyone who contributed to plenty of close quarter action, all rounded off by a very competitive A final where the battle for minor places produced one of the races of the night. In the end Lowestoft-based Steve Newsham came home safely in 2nd place closely followed by Kevin Gwillam with Max Broadhurst, Chad Wirtzfeld and Mark Scopes completing the final finishing order.

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B Final winner Jordan Cross will be cursing a fall that probably cost him a place in the A final whilst C final winner Connor Sargeant showed plenty of potential and would certainly be prepared for the slightly different style of track action in future.

(r)jcross (b) Lwicks Nora Gt140 - 220823-03876-arw
Photos: Ian Groves/Sportography

Wightlink Warriors co-owner Barry Bishop reflected on the meeting by saying:

“I enjoyed that, and I hope our supporters did too. Certainly, the riders that I have spoken to said they had a great time so that gives me confidence to think that we should repeat the meeting next season. Thanks to Adam Hawker for his work in helping coordinate the event and I look forward to working with him again”.

Qualifying Scores:

Ian Clark 20, Chad Wirtzfeld 19, Steve Newsham 17, Max Broadhurst 16, Mark Scopes 16, Kevin Gwillam 14, Luke Wicks 13, Luke Tuck 11, Jordan Cross 10, Wayne Broadhurst 10, Adam Hawker 7, Darren Sargeant 7, Connor Sargeant 6, Richard Knight 4, Thomas Wilding 4, Vinny Smith 4, Jed Rolph 2, Lester Denham 0.

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C Final: C. Sargeant, Smith, Knight, Wilding, Denham, Rolph (ret.).
B Final: Cross, Wicks, Tuck, Hawker, D. Sargeant, W. Broadhurst (ns.).
A Final: Clark, Newsham, Gwillam, M. Broadhurst, Wirtzfeld, Scopes.

Gt140 Island Masters 2023 Rostrum
Photos: Ian Groves/Sportography

Supporting the main event were 9 interesting demonstration races featuring 7 riders from the Warriors youth section and yet again they showed how much they have come on during the summer. Special mention to Charlie Green, Ryan Ingram and Charlie Southwick who all clocked their fastest race times of the season.

Also in action were the Wightlink Wizards. They took on the Carmarthen Dragons who, despite losing young Charlie Wood to injury, were on fire running out winners by 14 points to 21. Wizards’ rider Morgan Williams won all 3 of his races and clocked his fastest 4-lap time so far, however, the visitors all round strength was the deciding factor.


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Wizards: Morgan Williams 9, Steph Whitlock 1, Harley Freeman 3, Dan Lee 1.
Dragons: Jacob Fellows 8+1, Charlie Wood 0, Bailey Fellows 2+2, Kai Ward 11.

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