mattharrisa3crgMatt Harris made his return to racing last month with a 10 mile time trial on the A3 after recovering from illness, with his ride of a 21:29 proving his form.

The conditions for weren’t ideal for Harris along the exposed dual carriageway on 21st May, with there being strong crosswinds and it being very gloomy. But Harris still managed a very strong ride with a 21:29 for the 10 miles, which earned him a well deserved 3rd place.

Harris said after the time trial:

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“I’m very pleased and confident towards the up coming high level scheduled races.”

The following week, Harris was joined by …a3crg teammate and junior rider Arthur Venables on the 28th May where they competed in another 10 mile time trial.

This week the conditions had slightly worsened with there now being a strong Westerly headwind which significantly slowed down the riders, while also the time trial was hit by several random showers along the A3.

Harris was the first of the two Islanders competing to the finish the time trial, where he put in another strong performance of 21:38, showing that he was coming into some good form. Venables finished the time trial with a respectable 23:52 after taking several weeks off from racing. This saw Harris take 4th place and Venables 15th out of 44 riders.

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