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southamptonnhstreatmentcentreUnder the NHS Constitution all patients have a right to choose which hospital they would like to attend to have their operation and over the last six months Island patients have been offered the opportunity to have their scheduled operations carried out by the Spire Hospital Portsmouth, the Spire Hospital Southampton and the Southampton NHS Treatment centre.  

With recent pressures on St Mary’s hospital resulting in cancelled operations and extended waiting times, travel to the mainland to have surgery is an option for Island residents if they meet the required medical criteria.

Patients who need a referral to hospital should discuss their preferred choice of hospital with their GP, who can provide professional advice based on medical history and current condition which should help patients to choose. Your GP will be able to offer a choice of hospital provider and information on waiting times. Often these hospitals are able to provide treatment and access to surgery more quickly and all those mentioned above will provide travel to and from the hospital and reimburse any other travel expenses (ferry fares) to IOW residents.

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If you choose a mainland hospital, follow-up checks and appointments where required will be with the mainland provider but related treatment following an operation, for example physiotherapy, will be provided on the Island.  All patients accepting these services will be informed of any supporting information relating to their ongoing treatment for their return, for example any short term equipment needs.

A patient who recently chose to attend a mainland hospital said:

“The experience went really well. The actual travel was not a problem; it was a very efficient service and really nice surroundings within the hospital, very straight forward.”

If you would like to consider the option of having your surgery at one of the mainland providers mentioned above please make an appointment to discuss this with your GP or ring the Isle of Wight CCG on 01983 55 3368 for further information and to register your interest.

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