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Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), the electricity distribution network operator for the Isle of Wight, is encouraging eligible customers to register for its free Priority Services Register (PSR) so they can receive the extra help they may need in the event of a power cut.

For some customers, being without electricity – even for a short time – can be a distressing and difficult situation, particularly for those relying on specialist electrical medical equipment, such as a kidney dialysis machine or ventilator. That’s why SSEN offers extra help and support to ensure its customers are cared for.

Over 500,000 of SSEN’s 3.8 million customers have already signed up to the Priority Services Register, but SSEN recognises that some people may not be aware that they’re eligible for the service and is calling on customers to get in touch to make sure they are receiving the extra support they may need from SSEN’s dedicated teams.

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People can qualify for the PSR if they:

• Are dependent on electricity for home medical care
• Have a chronic illness or short term medical condition
• Are disabled
• Have special communication needs
• Have children under the age of five
• Are over the age of 60

Lisa Doogan, SSEN’s Director of Customer Relationship Management, explains why it is so important for eligible customers to register for this free service:

“Looking after our priority services customers is one of our main priorities but we don’t always know of their individual circumstances and where extra help may be required.

“Year on year, we increase the numbers of eligible customers on our PSR, but we know there are many customers in our communities who are not aware of the register and the support we offer to those who need it most. I want to take this opportunity to encourage them to sign up to the service as soon as possible. We also welcome third party referrals from trusted intermediaries, such as family members or other organisations.”

Registering for SSEN’s PSR is free and straightforward. Customers can join the register by calling 0800 294 3259 or by visiting www.ssen.co.uk/PriorityServicesRegister/ and registering online.

By registering for SSEN’s PSR, customers will be proactively contacted to warn them of potential bad weather to help them prepare and to offer extra support where required. SSEN’s teams will also keep in close and regular contact with its PSR customers during network outages to check they are getting the help they need. The free service also offers a dedicated 24 hour priority services phone number and information in the format you need, for example Braille, textphone, audio CD or foreign language.

For more information on SSEN’s Priority Services Register, visit www.ssen.co.uk/PriorityServices.

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