Not content with serving up delicious craft beers, BrewDog is partnering with Biff’s to deliver some of the tastiest vegan food in the country.

If you happen to fall into the Venn diagram of being a lover of vegan cuisine and preferring not to leave your house for food, then you’re in luck. BrewDog and Biff’s are launching the UK’s biggest vegan food delivery service in major locations such as London, Manchester, Liverpool, Reading, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and many more. Biff’s has some of the tastiest vegan food around, where you can enjoy plant-based burgers, wings, and fries – like late-night food without the guilt.

Sure, not every company has scored a goal with their vegan options, as let’s not forget Burger King’s attempt at a plant-based burger that was anything but. However, with the right ingredients and methods to cook fantastic vegan food, the proof really is in the (vegan) pudding, as Biff’s started as a small street food stall in 2017 and has grown to numerous brick-and-mortar restaurants across the country. Similarly, BrewDog has committed to a 50% plant-based menu and is heavily focusing on funding new sustainability programs and reducing waste while promoting recycling efforts.

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“Creating a delivery-only operation means that consumers across the UK will now be able to have a ‘Biff’s Night In,” said Biff Bloom-Burrows, co-founder of Biff’s. “We share [BrewDog’s] innovative punk spirit, so combining their strength in physical sites with our passion for creating high-quality, plant-based food makes for a powerful proposition to really own more of the UK delivery space.”

While it’s clear some people still need the help of sites like Biomes to discuss vegan benefits, tens of thousands of others are already aboard the vegan bandwagon and are not in the mood to get off anytime soon. Quite the opposite, as it appears that vegan food has dramatically increased in sales during lockdown phases of 2020 in the UK. Whether this is a bid to improve health or just focus on the environmental advantages of going vegan, the result is still vegan products becoming incredibly popular across Great Britain.

Daisy Divoka, an associate at law firm EMW, said that many businesses are seeing the trend and are eager to cater to the growing market. “There are now more vegan products on supermarket shelves than ever before,” said Divoka. “Multinational corporations have identified this as a fast-growing sector and are competing to register their trademarks with the aim of capturing and defending a share of the market.”

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