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A violent male who entered the water at Thorness earlier this morning (Friday) was eventually detained by Police after he was scared out of the sea by a large fish.

The Needles Coastguard Rescue Team and Cowes RNLI Lifeboat were tasked to Thorness Bay at 06:20 following a request for assistance from Hampshire Constabulary.

It was reported that a man had entered the sea to evade arrest by Police.

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A large fish going about its daily business startled the wanted individual, who soon left the water of his own accord and into the arms of the waiting officers.

Search and rescue assets were stood down soon after.

Today’s incident comes less than 24 hours after another incident at Thorness Bay. A 31-year-old man was arrested after being violent towards holiday park staff.

UPDATE @ 11:42 – It has been confirmed that a 31-year-old man from Cowes was arrested this morning on suspicion of burglary, attempted theft of a motor vehicle, affray and possessing an offensive weapon in a public place.

He has been taken into custody at Newport Police Station for questioning.

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John Taylor

Something fishy going on here

West wighter

Probably a big old stingray loads down there at the moment
Shame it didn’t get him!

Lily Von Stook.

Another alleged sighting of the Ferocious Man Eating Stickleback.

Inbred iowter

The police wish to thank special constable mullet for his assistance in this matter


Shouldn’t the headline read as “Hardened criminal harried by a haddock” I assume that he’ll be questioned by COD, I mean CID.

Ed Down

A great catch for the police

Abbey Holmes

The fish deserves a medal, not Captain Birds eye.


Clever lot them Islanders!

Micky mouse

We’re not all like that prick


You are by the very nature of your comments, screen shot taken.


get losts gungadin, with your negative, insulting view of islanders.


I was one, once, when it was a nice place. You don’t have to read my comments.


Was it the nice place that scared him out the water lol


whatever trever


I did screen shot it as well though, just for posterity.

John Gullible

I’m so glad you commented about getting the screen shot twice. I was really worried if someone had taken one or not.

Gungadin you are a true legend and have helped me in so many ways. Please be sure to back up your screenshot just in case. I will pray for you tonight.

Keep up the good work!


Gullible by name, Gullible by nature.

John Gullible

“Your a better man than I am, Gunga Din”, you show such honour as an internet troll. All Gunga Dins around the world will be in awe at your actions.

Keep up the good work.


Me a troll, look up what one of them is simpleton.


The scales of justice !!!!

Don't tell him pike.

Not so hard now .great big girls blouse .

Wight lady

The police found him floundering in the water, now they have him in the right plaice


Was it Jaws??

Peter A



I think that was what used to be called caught hook, line and sinker.

Barry the fish

Good work by the boys working on the ‘fin’ blue line!

Ash veevers

He certainly wasn’t fishimg then??? , where’d his fillet of fish u sure the fish wasn’t attracted to the smell

Fred Nurke

Don’t be too unkind to him,
He was stuck between a cop and a Hard Plaice.

Mountain Mike

You win the fish based pun competition.

Yvonne Knapp

The police fast-net succeeds was it at Thorness or a red Gurnard


It’s a fair carp

Fred Nurke

What sort of fish was it?

Don’t tell him Pike


Don’t we know we coming out of lock down!


This man tried to steal my son in laws car before this incident.


im very sorry for your loss wait did you say tried well never mind it then

Mountain Mike

I reckon he will struggle with even a short sentence. A bit like you.

Saam Amerat

Was it a Red Herring?


it was a police dog fish

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