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The restoration of Bembridge’s Grade II listed K1 telephone box is saving a small piece of history, to the benefits of residents and tourists alike.

George Archer, Duncan Spite, Richard Buckley Decorators, East Wight Landscape Partnership and the Village Partnership have been thanked for preserving the iconic Bembridge landmark.

The telephone box was installed in the early 1920s and is believed to be the last surviving K1 box still in daily use. As a ‘building of special historic or architectural interest’, this K1 telephone box was listed on 6th August 1986 by Lord Elton, the Environment Minister of the day, giving it Grade II status.

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This telephone box is the property of Bembridge Parish Council and the telephone equipment remains the property of BT.

Grant funding was obtained from the Eastwight Landscape Partnership for the restoration and after some delays due to COVID, works began in June 2020. These works included repairing door & all window frames, new glass, clearing off all old paint and repainting with heritage paints, all carried out by local tradesmen.

Parish Lengthsmen and Village Partnership Group members were involved with cleaning the box, the surrounding area and publicising the restoration.

Works were completed in September 2020.

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How lovely to have something so unique still in use in the village.
I remember the last time this was refurbished, several years ago now by one of the versatile parish workers. Did a marvellous job, but did explain to me that it needed a more thorough treatment as the metal had corroded causing panes to crack and rot in the old wooden door needed attention.
So pleased that finally this has had the full treatment it deserves.
Well done all.


Nice, but no doubt just another place for the Yoof to vandalise, get high, fornicate and urinate in.

Geoff Hope

Plato, this is Bembridge not Oakfield or Pan.
Our youth sail at the Yacht club, play Bowls on the green, or enjoy the crack of leather against Willow.
We have ‘standards’ hence keep social housing to a minimum to preserve our way of life.

The Truth

@Geoff Hope, you sound like a massive k***!

Hendrick Olsan

I disagree, he is correct. Gatcombe pre CV days used to hold the popular Scare Crow event, where individual households made various Scare Crows and placed them in their gardens or on verges to give pleasure to others.   Could YOU see such in Ryde, Cowes, or Newport?   The social paid for multitude would destroy such within hours.   Charity kept beings used to be humble, but now, due to ‘new thinking’ they are made to feel as ‘deserving’ as others, not the charity kept, lucky to be housed and feed which they are. The world ‘doesn’t’ owe them… Read more »

Kathy Ingraham

I have to agree Hendrik. The spread of troublesome, nasty people who care nothing for anyone but themselves is getting closer year by year, as the Council allow the en masse building of social housing, and never vetting the tenants for quality standards, as someone ‘has’ to house these rapidly expanding beings.   Surely it is easier for the Police if they were all housed in one rough area, then they could all fight, mate, drug deal, play rap music and children could swarm from fencless garden to garden. One large chip shop and and off license and they would… Read more »

Horse flaps

I have always admired that particular phone box and so very pleased it has been so well cared for. If I look that good at that age I shall have done very well.
Bye the way, not all poor people are beastly and most have indoor toilets now, so not so bad tempered as they used to be.

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