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wightlinkcat400UPDATED: Wightlink’s catamaran service is set to be disrupted tomorrow (Wednesday) due to a technical problem.

The 06:40 sailing from Portsmouth to Ryde Pier Head has been cancelled with the 07:10; 08:10 and 09:10 from Ryde being operated by a charter vessel.

The 07:40 and 08:40 sailings from Portsmouth will also be operated by a charter vessel resulting in a longer crossing time.

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UPDATE WEDNESDAY @ 14:00 – Wightlink have confirmed that a revised timetable will also be in operation this afternoon due to ongoing maintenance work with Wight Ryder I.

Wight Ryder II will operate on sailings at 15 minutes past the hour from Portsmouth Harbour, and 47 minutes past the hour from Ryde Pier.

A charter vessel will be used on the following sailings:

From Portsmouth: 16:40; 17:40; 18:45
From Ryde: 17:10; 18:10

The 19:15 sailing from Ryde has been cancelled.

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