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A beloved cult film makes frequent mention of how a rug “tied the room together,” and it’s true: a perfectly appointed rug can be the perfect addition to your space, adding a desired deal or attitude that bigger pieces of furniture can’t. However, finding the right one can be a bit difficult, and it is often easier said than done. The selections available at most major department stores usually skew towards the latest trends and can feel generic, offering you limited selections of styles and designs. If you’re looking for the best rug for your room and want to find a way to harness its decorative influence with the least trouble possible, then the following tips are bound to be helpful.

Consider the Purpose

The first thing to take into account when purchasing a new rug is to think about whether you need something purely decorative, or if you are interested in something that fulfills a more practical purpose – or, perhaps, both. For example, if you have a pet or children, you may want to purchase a rug that prevents them from slipping and falling, especially when considering a more trafficky area of the home such as the den or living room. Therefore, a delicate and authentically vintage rug is not a good bet. However, if you’re on the lookout for a statement piece to help unify the aesthetic of your space and you’re not concerned about it being a busy area, then you can indeed look into more unique and vintage offerings.

Unique Rug Styles

That being said, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice style for the sake of practicality when purchasing a rug. For instance, a klim is a type of rug that often comes in bright colors and is a deeply woven textile that can work in virtually any area given that it is meant to be used. Its texture prevents slipping, but it is also easy to clean while remaining remarkably stylish. If you need a rug that checks off several boxes, the experts at VisionBedding rugs recommend making a clear list of your needs as well as the color palette you have in mind before venturing out to purchase one. With a bit of research, you’re bound to find a unique style that fits your needs perfectly.

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You may very well find retro-inspired rugs that combine the fragility of vintage pieces with the functionality of more modern types. Most bohemian style rugs draw inspiration from designs based in the oriental and Marrakesh traditions. You can also look into rugs that offer a more contemporary spin featuring art deco designs or simply more striking colorways. In all cases, there is a stunning number of designs to choose from that smartly combine the efficacy of modern-day fibers.

Size and Shape of the Rug

Another practical and very important consideration to take into account is the size and shape of your room. If the rug is too big then it is in danger of swallowing up everything in the room, making it seem much smaller. Too small, and it won’t serve any design or practical purpose at all. In general, try to find a rug that can contain the major elements of the room while showing some of the floor underneath, and serving as a buffer between other key features. In the living room, see if the sofa is against the wall. If so, then ensure that the front legs and the legs of the surrounding chairs are placed right on the rug. Otherwise, things may look strange, spatially and in terms of design.

However, spaces like the dining room are a bit more straightforward. You basically need to use the table’s size as the main point of reference. You can easily choose a circular or rectangular shape, but just make sure that the chairs can be pushed back within its surface. Something too large or small can have an adverse effect on the look and feel of the space.

The master bedroom can often do with a larger rug that fits under the bed and all the night tables, while offering extra room on both sides. A smaller bedroom on the other hand should only attempt to cover a third of the bed’s base, and should be placed near rather than under the bed of course.

These rules can be modified, but they do help provide a basic range to help you figure out  the all important matter of placement in different rooms.

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Rugs are made in an endless variety of materials these days, and the options available can be as daunting as the styles offered. Natural fibers such as wool or cotton are beautiful, but can cost a bundle. Synthetic fibers such as acrylic or polyester have become common choices since they are cheaper and also easier to clean. However, you do need to toss them out once every few years since the bacteria can build up exponentially.

The latest game changer on the market has been bamboo silk, which is very affordable and manages to combine the versatility of both synthetic and natural fibers, while remaining relatively low maintenance.

In general, deciding upon which material is right for you will largely depend on the kind of usage you expect in your home. If you have pets and children, then investing in pricier fabrics may not be the best move. However, you can also mix and match traditional designs and fabrics depending on the kind of room you’re considering and the amount of foot traffic it is likely to receive. So, maybe you can invest in something less pricey yet still attractive in the living room, while placing a more luxurious rug in the master bedroom, where you are less likely to find a huge amount of traffic.

Finally, perhaps the most important consideration you should be aware of is the amount of cleaning and upkeep you’re willing to put in for the perfect rug. A messed up rug with a huge stain can be a bit pricey to clean up, so always try to balance practicality with the design element. Luckily, given the options available these days, you’re bound to find something that can function as both a statement piece while serving its purpose of preventing you from falling.

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