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Residents living in Havenstreet are growing increasingly concerned about the speed of traffic passing through the village.

On Monday night, a car parked on the main road was damaged by another vehicle, which failed to stop at the scene of the accident. Scratches were left down the side of the car and a wing mirror was smashed off.

Local resident Samuel Fox says the incident took place at around 23:30. He heard a bang and a vehicle ‘racing through’.

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The 30mph limit on Main Road comes into force at the top of the village and ends past the steam railway, towards Combley Woods.

UPDATE – It is understood that a black BMW was involved in the collision. A fibre glass wing mirror was left at the scene.

Anyone with information should contact Police on 101, quoting 44200227723.

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Rob Farley

Havenstreet has become a ‘rat run’ for Ryde to Newport traffic. Mobile speed cameras are a must for the main road instead of being in there usual island places where every island motorist is aware. R


This has been happening in other villages on the island for ages now, nothing ever gets done. You must complain and get in touch with local councillor or the I.O.W. council to even get it noticed. Another of the “I can’t see that 30 sign” brigade.

Nick Black

The problem we have on the Island is unfortunately that the Police do not seem interested in taking any robust action against these people. People are tearing around the roads as if it was Brands Hatch, and, regrettably, until some innocent bystander is seriously injured or even killed NOTHING will be done apart from some verbal lip service and platitudes from the Police ‘Management’. The all too frequent excuse of ‘lack of resources’ and ‘result of cutbacks’ is only ever offered as reasons for the inaction by the Constabulary. It all depends on what the current ‘important’ task is that… Read more »

Opinions Matter

Totally agree Nick. Obviously the police have to prioritise where they deploy their officers. Given the amount of cutbacks to the police force in general, courtesy of Mrs T. May, this is obviously proving difficult. We need more police officers on the streets of the island as does the whole of the UK don’t you think?


TOTALLY right more officers needed


I live in east Cowes and use have street to drive home but am reluctant to use it around 5pm to 6pm as cars are travelling in excess of speed limit


There is no effective speed control on the Island.


There was pre Island Roads, it was called ruts, pot holes, and crumbling road surfaces. Perhaps we were safer before the few roads they have papped a thick layer on top of the crumbling sub stuctrue, albeit only lasting long enough till their contract ends.


Take the speed cameras away and every idiot on the island takes advantage , false economy or what ?

Opinions Matter

Havenstreet, I stay well away from there. It’s like ‘wakey racers’. Cars cut the corners on the bends. These idiots think they are good drivers because they have a car with a loud exhaust and they drive fast, fact is, they are not and will sooner or later have an accident themselves or cause an accident. Hopefully no innocents will get hurt. If they wanna damage themselves, so be it, just don’t involve anyone else.


Like many villages on the Island ,we in Newchurch now have a 20mph limit through our village and the approaches reduced from 40mph to 30mph. But as others have said the police refuse to acknowledge it and subsequently will not act. These limits have passed the County Council and are quite legal but still the Police “ do not support it”. About time this was looked at Island wide and they be made to accept it as the law of the land .
As an aside we also have a 7.5 ton limit but they don’t recognise that either.


If you have nothing better to do this weekend pop down to the west wight , park up in one of the lay-by areas on the military road between Chale and Brighstone and you can watch all the car and bike racers trying to out do each other. Seems the objective is to see how much over 100mph you can go on this stretch of road .Probably wonderful place for the odd police car to park up as well !!!.


I’m not sure on this, so forgive me if I’m wrong.
But even if there is a 20mph sign it means nothing, as the law/ highway code states that driving in a built up area( streetlamps) is 30mph.
Again not totally sure on this.
Sure someone will be along to put me right.


Don’t park on the road. Technically it’s against the law by parking on the road and in some areas of the country the police will put a ticket in your car as your vehicle is blocking the road. A road is to be used to get from a to b unhindered with few obstructions.


I wish we could post pictures here, I have photo’s of cars parking on junctions, making any drivers trying to use the junction to pull around and drive on the wrong side of the road. Surely illegal.

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