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medinapoolsPlans to install solar panels on three Isle of Wight Council buildings – generating an estimated annual net income of £4,000-plus – are to be considered next week (Tuesday 24th March).

A meeting of the council’s Property Disposal and Capital Programme Sub-committee will receive a report recommending capital investment for the initial phase of the project on the roofs of three Newport buildings – County Hall, Seaclose offices and Medina Leisure Centre.

The report describes the proposal as an “invest to save” project, with advances in solar energy technology and other factors making it now possible for the council to make such an investment that reduces its revenue spending.

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The report states:

“Whilst not a huge money maker, solar PV (photovoltaics) will bring in a return as a financial investment for the council and have a positive impact on the environment.”

The introduction of solar panels is consistent with the council’s carbon management plan, which sets out how the council will reduce the levels of carbon production; a new plan will be considered by the council shortly.

It is planned the solar panels will be owned – not leased – by the council, and there will be a standard contract with an electricity supplier. Electricity not used by the council will be purchased by the supplier to generate income for the council to reinvest in services.

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