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Homes and businesses across the Isle of Wight should be prepared for icy conditions over the next few days, as well as the potential for snow fall on Tuesday night.

Local forecasters IW Met Service are advising of plummeting tempartures between now and the middle of week with the mercury hitting as low as -3c on Wednesday morning.

A band of rain will move in throughout Tuesday before turning fairly heavy later in the day. It’s then that the wind will shift around to the North North West bringing bitterly cold conditions to our shores.

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The rainfall seen across the Isle of Wight is expected to turn to sleet before then eventually turning to snow, bringing a couple of hours of snow fall on Tuesday night. A slight covering is likely in some places with the risk of a centimetre or two’s worth on the highest hills.

Jamie Russell, Chief Forecaster at IW Met Service says the risk isn’t so much the snow, but the extreme ice it is likely to cause overnight into Wednesday morning. Motorists in particular should take extra care on Wednesday AM as fairly treacherous conditions are anticipated.

Weather warnings are expected to be issued over the next 24 hours as the forecasts become clearer.

Listen to IW Met Service’s forecast below…

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