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Police have already made their first seizure of the day, taking an unlawful van off the Isle of Wight’s roads.

The Nissan Kubistar van was stopped on Fairlee Road on the outskirts of Newport sometime before 08:45.

Roadside enquiries carried out by officers found that the vehicle had no insurance, tax or MOT, resulting in the vehicle being seized and recovered to a local garage.

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The bear

Crush it

Martin Ryde


Kevin Gray

Great news,why do these people think they don’t have to pay up like the rest of us,and just think of the problems if you are involved in an accident with them,they probably leave the vehicle and run for it


There’s any number of this type of vehicle where I live, including the sorned variety, they stay for months sometimes years but to be illegal someone has to be caught driving them. What a crappy situation.

Michael Thomas

not being on public highway, so like a private driveway, or got a kerb between the road and whereever it is parked then yes it is not illegal if sorned. but then you get those that flout the law by driving it, not getting caught, and parking in a different location. like had a 5 tonne van parked up at my property for a week or two. whereby it hadn’t passed an MOT in over a year. it was also SORN, but because it was parked on the parking bays then it was no concern to the Police, as wasn’t… Read more »

Nobody Cares

The whole idea of getting rid of the licence disc was that cars had to be taxed or SORNed. The public were told that the owners of vehicles that were neither would be fined and pursued. In reality vehicles that are neither taxed nor SORNed have NO ACTION taken against them. DVLA say call the police; police say call the DVLA. So scumbag drivers get away with it unless ANPR flags up in a patrol car – not the doughnut speed camera wagon – a patrol car. And then it has to be a patrol car with ANPR and with… Read more »


report an untaxed uninsured driver and they dont even bother ‍♀️

Barry Chantler

Crush the illegal motors.


Don’t crush it, either seize it and sell it, or donate it to a local charity. This paperless car document thing is a farce, we need to go back TAX, MOT and Insurance docs being put in the windscreen so everybody can see whats what. It can’t be hard to have a forgery proof set of discs.

Mr Given up

Pity they couldn’t tow away some of the vehicles in Little London, Newport, some of which don’t even have number plates let alone anything else, been there months!

Will Storey

Didn’t realise Garry Fry had a van…

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