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Police are reminding the Island’s hospitality industry to remain compliant ahead of businesses re-opening on Saturday, some for the first time in over 3 months.

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Licensing and Alcohol Harm Reduction Team have issued an open letter to local businesses reminding them on their obligations from both a licencing point of view and in terms of COVID-19 safety.

Pubs, restaurants, attractions and accommodation can re-open from 4th July, marking the end of the majority of the lockdown restrictions. Some businesses have taken the decision to delay their re-opening until later in the month.

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In their open letter, Police say:

“Further to your Covid-19 safety considerations and risk assessments, please ensure you:

• Remain compliant with the requirements of your premises licence.
• Ensure your returning staff are up to speed with licensing training and age verification policies.
• Consider your business model and likely footfall and consider if you require the use of door staff to support your staff in managing the premises

“We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that your business models must promote the licensing objectives and encourage you to consider these when forming your operating plans:

• The Prevention of Crime and Disorder
• The Protection of Children from Harm
• Public Safety
• The Prevention of Public Nuisance

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“We also believe that you are likely to identify some challenges on reopening and as such raise the following with you to consider when creating your operating plans:

• Due to limited capacity numbers inside premises, customers may seek to purchase ‘takeaway’ drinks then gather immediately outside. This is something we have seen over the past months with takeaway only business models and dependent on the location have seen distancing and related safety issues manifest. Our expectation is that each premises carefully consider and monitor this potential and take responsibility for managing your customers.
• Providing an external bar to facilitate the above would not be permissible if it is not included within the premises plans as an authorised location to sell alcohol.

“Good luck with the reopening. We hope to see you trading very soon”.

Should you have any queries then the following agencies are able to support you in making the right decisions:

• COVID Secure questions – Environmental Health Team – [email protected]
• Licensing application/general questions about your premises licence – Council Licensing – [email protected]
• Advice around crime prevention matters relating to the business – Police Licensing Team – [email protected]

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Dyson Curry

Alcohol is a bad Drug that should be made illegal!!!

Dyson Curry

its Causing to many problems in society.From domestic abuse,sex crimes,assaults,deaths from the use of alcohol kills your liver,assault deaths from a punch,hospital abuse towards the nurses and doctors,it also wastes police time on drunks,criminal damage,drink driving and the list goes on.The poison needs to be banned and made illegal once again…


No point going to the pub with these Restrictions
Going to be a Horrible experience

mr justice

I said that Jeff and everybody hated me for it, but like you have just said it will be hideous, so I’m not playing their ( liars government) game. Otherwise this will become the norm.


I’ve seen so many people drinking plastic pints on the streets of Ryde over the last couple of weeks. Is this going to be the norm?

mr justice

Sorry to say but if those muppets keep drinking like that, and with the pubs opening Saturday, then yes it will be the norm, not for me though, I will NEVER go to the pub again. These people that do this on the streets in ryde ,and use the pubs Saturday , don’t realise that the only way for it to go back to the real norm is, don’t play their game.


OK so are there any 24hour phone numbers to call if any of them break those rules. An email address is no good if no-one will see it until the next day.


How about banning alcohol from the beaches ! Or how about banning drinking alcohol in public places…it works in other places, why not here.

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